How to have a STRESS FREE Wedding Day

Having a well structured Wedding Day can be the difference between enjoying your Wedding Day and feeling rushed through your Wedding Days Events. A well structured Wedding Day is easy to plan and can ensure that you and your groom have the least stressful Wedding Day possible.

It’s possible to structure your Wedding in anyway that you like and still have a stress free Wedding Day, however, we’ve found that what most Brides and Grooms find to be the least stressful way to structure their Wedding Day is to have a first look. A first look allows the Bride and Groom to see each other prior to the Wedding Ceremony and creates a special and private moment that can be beautifully and discreetly captured for your Wedding Video. A first look also allows a Bride and Groom to do all of their Wedding Photos prior to their Ceremony so that after the Wedding Ceremony, the couple can enjoy their full cocktail hour and take some time to relax and enjoy the day.

If you choose to not have a first look at your Wedding, it’s still possible to have a well structured Wedding Day that will allow you to be fully present for all of the important moments, such as, the Cocktail Hour, and Reception. We recommend that if you’re not going to be having a first look on the Day of your Wedding that you leave proper time between your Ceremony and your Reception for Formal Wedding Photos to be taken. Generally most Wedding Photographers will like to have an hour to 90 minutes for Bridal Party Photos, Romantic Photos and any family photos that you might want as well.

Since every Bride and Groom are different, every wedding day is different, and what works best for one couple on their Wedding Day might not work best for another. It’s always best when structuring your Wedding Day to ultimately do what you believe will make you the happiest!

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