Hiring a Smaller Studio

Hiring a small studio to provide wedding videography coverage is one of the wisest decisions that any bride and groom can make when planning their wedding. Smaller wedding film studios typically handle 1 to 2 weddings per weekend while larger studios can handle anywhere from 8 to 15 weddings in a weekend. When it comes to planning a wedding no two weddings will ever be quite the same. Every bride and groom want different things out of their wedding and have different expectations for their video. When you decide to work with a smaller studio like Above and Beyond you’ll be given attention from our staff that a larger studio simply can not provide. Here’s a list of just some of the advantages in working with a smaller studio for your wedding cinematography needs.

Putting a face to the name.

All of our couples are given the chance to meet with the cinematographer and editor who will be working on their wedding. From start to finish you’ll not only know the person’s name with whom you’ll be working with but from the first correspondence with our studio up until the day you get your finished video you’ll be dealing with the same small group of people. Larger studios won’t let you meet the people that you’ll be working with on the day of your wedding because they don’t know who will be available to work on the day of your wedding and who they’ll choose to assign.

An investment in your product

As a small business one of the greatest tools that we can equip ourselves with is doing great work. Most of our clients hear about us either by seeing our latest work online or by hearing about us from past couples. We take a great amount of pride in producing a video that goes well beyond the expectations that you have of us. When you decide to work with a larger studio it’s very rare that you’ll ever speak with let alone work with anyone who has any ownership in the studio, most of the “shooters”, “editors”, and “salesmen” for larger studios are paid contractors who have no benefit in producing work and view your day as a nothing more than a pay day.

A Smaller Number of Hands

When working with a smaller studio such as Above and Beyond the same person who shoots your wedding will be the one who is editing your wedding. That means that once your project is being edited the editor already has a prior knowledge of the couple and has a better sense of knowing what the couple expects and wants out of their finished video. Larger studios will often send out your footage to separate companies who edit wedding videos without ever meeting or speaking with the couple.

Working With an Established Team of Professionals Who Understand Their Job

Our team has shot hundreds of weddings and has worked in virtually every situation that you can imagine from rainy days on the beach to snowy days in the mountains. We’re a seasoned group of professionals who understand how to shoot weddings and work in unpredictable environments. Larger studios will generally hire people who are new to the industry and are willing to work for a lower amount as they develop their skills and gain experience. Do you really want someone “training” on the day of your wedding?

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