Having an Unobtrusive Wedding!

With technology moving faster then any of us could have imagined 20 years ago your friends and family are most likely in procession of a new Iphone or Ipad that there excited to take with them to your wedding in order to document the day. However, for many reasons lots of couples are choosing to tell there guests to leave there smart phones and tablets at home on the day of there wedding or to at least not use them to document the wedding day. In todays blog post we’ll explain the benefits of having an unplugged wedding ceremony.

A wedding ceremony is a once in a life time event for the bride and groom and an event that’s special to the couples friends and family. Only a well-honed professional can truly experience what they are shooting from behind a lens, when friends and family decide to take pictures and video at your wedding ceremony it prevents them from experiencing the exciting moments of the day such as your vows, cake cutting and ring exchange. Imagine instead of watching one of these beautiful moments that you were amongst 50 to 250 others all trying to get that perfect shot. By asking guests to not take photos and video at your wedding ceremony and wedding reception your ensuring that your guests can truly enjoy the special moments of your wedding rather then trying to get that perfect shot.

We’ve all been in a public situation where someones cell phone ring tone goes off and distracts everyone around them. The audible whirl, click, snap, and flash of a smart phone can be distracting to your guests and you during your wedding ceremony. Lots of engaged couples find that for this very reason it’s best to ask guests to leave there cell phones and cameras at home on the day of there wedding.

On the day of your wedding you’ve most likely hired a professional photographer and videographer that you have invested money in in order to document the special moments of your wedding day and also capture the guests who attend your wedding. Occasionally guests faces will be obscured by phones and cameras in the professionals shots, by having an unplugged wedding couples can ensure that they’ll be seeing there friends and family faces and not the backs of there phones.

Your wedding day is a unique and special day that you want to share with your closest friends and family, not the entire internet. With social media be such a dominant part of our society guests with smart phones can share with the entire world via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or personal blogs photos from your wedding. Couples who chose the have an unplugged wedding ensure that there day is seen and experienced by the people they want it to be, not all of there guests social media followers.

Choosing to have an unplugged wedding is a choice that many couples make to help ensure that there guests are able to fully enjoy there wedding without the distraction of technology. It’s not a choice that every couple makes, and it certainly may not be the right choice for you, but during a wedding ceremony there really is never an appropriate time for your hands to be anywhere but reaching for a hankie or reaching for the hands of another loved one.

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