2016 Wedding Trends

With the 2016 wedding season just around the corner today we’re taking a look at some amazing wedding trends that are sure to be more popular then ever in 2016. We saw a lot of these ideas in our wedding videos in 2015, here’s a list of some of our favorite wedding trends that can spice up any wedding in 2016 and will surely look great on your wedding video.

1) Dance Up The Aisle

Imagine the looks on your friends and family’s face when you come down the aisle at your wedding ceremony doing a dance. Alternatively choreographed dances are a great way to add a special flair to your first dance and make for an even more special wedding video.

2) Get a non-traditional wedding officiant

Your vows are unique, your wedding video is unique, so why not get a unique officiant to separate your day from everyone else’s? Perhaps a family member, ship captain, or a local celebrity.

3)Grandma Flower Girls

Without grandma you wouldn’t be there for your big day. What better way to show grandma how special she is to you by including her in your wedding ceremony?

4) Sing Your Vows

What better way then to really make your ceremony stand out then to sing your vows to your significant other? This one really looks great in your wedding video too!

5) Parade Your Love

Have fun while taking your portrait shots between the ceremony and reception. A more unique photo session will be fun for you and your bridal party and make for a more creative and fun wedding video.

6) Make a Grand Exit

What better way to end the night then making a grand exit from your wedding? Your guests can send you off by lighting off sparklers as you leave your wedding reception. We think this makes a great ending shot for your wedding video as well!

7) Have A Same Day Edit

A lot happens on your wedding day that your guests wont see and having a same day edit highlight film can showcase to your guests at your reception what happened on your wedding day. A same day edit can be a great way for guests who were at the wedding and couldn’t be at the wedding to relive your wedding day.

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